Representing thousands of small business owners throughout the five boroughs of New York, the Restaurant Action Alliance supports the recycling and proper environmental disposal of foam polystyrene. The Alliance opposes efforts to ban the use of foam products on the basis of jobs, competition and the environment.

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The Benefits of Polystyrene Recycling

Did you know Polystyrene foam recycling would save the City money? By moving to a 100% recycling of polystyrene, the City would save on landfill costs and generate revenues of nearly $10 million every year. Savings are just the tip of the iceberg! There are many other benefits to recycling foam polystyrene.

Polystyrene Foam is Deemed Safe by the FDA

The FDA has deemed foam is safe for food service; and moreover, the National Institute for Health and the American Cancer Society determined that it poses no health risk, and does not contain carcinogenic properties.

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A Foam Recycling Ban Will Hurt Small Businesses

Additional costs will be passed on to consumers and businesses, particularly restaurants. Foam containers are the life-blood of the restaurant industry, especially in ethnic and minority restaurants.

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Foam Alternatives Cost Restaurants More

According to national studies, the costs of alternative foam products costs consumers over $51,000 per year. Restaurants are already struggling – nationally, restaurants declined by 6% last year.

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