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Director: Akesha Freeman, Manager of Sugar Hill Restaurant & Supper Club

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Dear Friends,

As General Manager of a Brooklyn landmark, the Sugar Hill Restaurant and Supper Club, I know how very hard it is to run a successful restaurant in New York. I also know that small businesses, restaurants, like yours are the lifeblood of neighborhoods throughout our great city. They not only provide jobs and opportunity – they connect us to culture, our neighbors and to each other.

That is why I am so honored to follow in the footsteps of former City Councilman Robert Jackson as Director of the Restaurant Action Alliance of New York (RAANY). At Sugar Hill, we serve our guests with “heart and soul” and that is exactly my approach to our work at the Alliance. I know that together, we can educate policymakers on the real facts and the issues that impact our businesses.

Thank you for your active support and I know together we will make a difference.

-Akesha Freeman, General Manager of the Sugar Hill Restaurant